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During the Monsoon season, which is the tourist season for the full of Amboli Chaukul town and its neighbouring area, the whole of Amboli Chaukul ends up becoming a picnic destination. The vistas and views that many of the spots of Amboli Chaukul offer are a visual treat to the mind. The historical Botanical Gardens of Amboli Chaukul is a nice preferred spot for picnics away from the normal waterfalls.


Every trodden path in the environs of Amboli Chaukul leads to another off beaten path that will ultimately take you to the dense forest in the interior hinterlands of Amboli Chaukul. Amboli Chaukul is the perfect place for hikes. There are dozens of trails to choose from. Each trail has its own peculiarities and difficulties.


Amboli Chaukul is a Trekkers paradise. There are dozens of waterfalls all around and every trek can end to some wonderful hidden or less discovered waterfall. Even if you are not a adventurous trekker, Amboli Chaukul has some charming and comfortable walks, which can be easily completed. The leisurely stroll from the main road to any of the view-points like Shirgaonkar Point, Mahedevgadh Point is beautiful, with green plant life on both sides and streams gurgling away in musical harmony with nature. The best way to trace trekking trails in Amboli Chaukul is to ask the local workers or reception office of Dark Forest Retreat.

Temple Trips

There is a story going around Amboli Chaukul that there are supposed to be around 108 Shiva Temples in and around the topography of Amboli Chaukul Hill Station out of which a major number have not yet been stumbled upon or discovered yet. To add weight to thisstory, recently in 2005 an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva was found.

Temples in and around Amboli Chaukul Hill Station

Gramdevata Muali
Datta Mandir
Swayabhu Ganpati
Ling Sateri Bhavai
Purvicha Vas


The entire hill station of Amboli Chaukul is a divine resort for couples, lovers, the newly married and especially a hill station full of delight for the honeymoon Dark Forest Retreat is truly a honeymooner's delight as it is situated at an altitude where only solace, solitude and seclusion are easily available. Away from the main Amboli Chaukul town and at the entrance of Amboli Chaukul forests, peace and privacy is unlimited here.

Romancing the Ghat

Thousands of Tourists every Tuesday from Belgaum city head for the Amboli Chaukul Ghat as it is their weekly business or market holiday back at Belgaum. At the weekends, tourists from the coastal state of Goa head for Amboli Chaukul on Saturday & Sunday. Thousands of tourists venture on a day trip to Amboli Chaukul by just travelling in their vehicles criss crossing the curvaceous Ghat of Amboli Chaukul. Romancing the Amboli Chaukul Ghat they soak in the sights of the thick forest cover, cascading waterfalls and amazing nature landscapes from the road itself.

Viewing Points

All of the viewing points of Amboli Chaukul double up as Sunset points. During the daytime soak your senses in the visual bliss of the evergreen forests, at sunset bid the sun goodbye over the far distant horizon of the Goan Seas.
Some of them are:
Shirgaonkar Point
Parvati Point
Kawalesat Point
Mahedevgadh Point
Sunset Point
Parikshit Point

Bird watching

Bird watching or bird spotting is a highly difficult sport in Amboli Chaukul due to the thick forest cover, frequent rains, heavy fogs at all times and misty climate. Some birds that can be spotted in amboli are :
Cylon Frogmouth
Yellow browed Bulbul
Red Whiskered Bulbul
Crimson Backed Sunbird
Orange Headed Ground Thrush
Grey Headed Bulbul
Indian Scimitar Babbler

Snake Handling

Forthose interested in Herpetology and love reptiles and snakes, then please do read the detailed blog information about the different amazing sightings of reptiles, snakes and other amphibians.Some snakes of Amboli Chaukul are Green Vine Snake, Malabar Pit Viper Bamboo Pit Viper, Cat Snake, Bronze-backed Tree Snake, Whitakers Sand Boa, and Travancore Wolf Snake.

Nature Camps

Amboli Chaukul Hill Station nestled at the ridge of the Western Ghats is the last hill station before one takes a virtual drop into the coastal highlands of Goa. Misty weather, refreshing rains, cool climate and the evergreen forests surrounding you from all sides makes the perfect place for open and outdoor camping close to nature. Naturecamps are regularly held at Dark Forest Retreat for getting acquainted with the Malabar Gliding Frog. Naturalists from all over India come and camp at Amboli Chaukul to see and spot this and other frogs endemic to Amboli Chaukul. The hill station of Amboli Chaukul is part of a biodiversity hotspot, and one can see and spot amphibians and reptiles like Fungoid Frog, Bicolour Frog, Amboli Chaukul Bush-frog, Amboli Chaukul Toad, Beddome's Cat Snake, Ceylon Cat Snake, Green Vine Snake, Malabar Pit Viper and various caecilians.

Forest Visits

Regular forest visits are organized all over Amboli Chaukul, mostly by experienced guides and by persons having huge knowledge about the local flora and faunaForest visits of Amboli Chaukul are normally held during the daytime.

Forest Night Trails

Forest night trails are only for those who are adventurously inclined as darkness entails a certain amount of risk taking while walking at night. Organized only by the locals who live always in Amboli Chaukul and who are well acquainted in organizing night trails into the forest. Please enquire at Dark Forest Retreat for forest night trails bookings.

Hill Station Shopping

Shopping and at Amboli Chaukul! Yes. For those people who value home made products, Organic preserves, and products handpicked directly from nature will have their Shopping bags surely full.
Some of the things to shop for while in Amboli Chaukul are:
Handmade wooden toys
Jungle honey
Organic spices
Natural Mango pulp
Kokum syrup
Aamba poli (Aam Papad)
Ayurvedic medicines such as Jaswand Tel (oil) and Nirgundi Tel (oil).

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