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Around Amboli Chaukul

Amboli Chaukul being a small hill station, one can visit all the attractions around Amboli Chaukul comfortably over a couple of days. Here is a brief list of the major attractive places that one would like to venture to discover getting a little away from the hill station of Amboli Chaukul.

Hiranyakeshi Temple

This local but popular Hindu temple is situated only 5 kms from the main bus stand of Amboli Chaukul. This unique temple is the base where the Hiranyakeshi River originates or begins it's downwards journey. This temple is built around ancient natural caves from where the sweet waters flow down to become the Hiranyakeshi River.

Nangarta Falls

These natural waterfalls are to be found at a little distance of above 10 kms from the main bus stand of Amboli Chaukul Town. These falls are a visual treat to watch them fall and flow from a height of over 40 feet. The actual Nangarta Falls are a narrow ravine and during the heavy monsoons, the waterfall bulges with lots of overflowing rain water and makes a mighty sound that no one can miss. A bridge and a view point exist near the Nangarta falls to watch and view the beauty of the falls safely from a distance.

Kavleshet Point Echo Point

Many viewing points can be found all over Amboli Chaukul and Kavleshet is one of the finer ones. Positioned at a short distance of around 11 kms from the main bus stand of Amboli Chaukul Town, this viewpoint of Kavleshet provides majestic and breath taking valley views. Lots of small waterfalls can be spotted around but only during the monsoon season. Kavleshet point has echoing properties and one will find many people shouting their name to amazingly find the valley speaking or throwing it back to you in an echoing pattern.

Maruti Mandir

If local temples are your interest, then just 2kms away from Amboli Chaukul bus stand, one will find Maruti Mandir which is a Ganesh & Ram Temple and also houses the Samadhi of a local Saint of Amboli Chaukul.

Mahadev Gad (mountain)

Located at a distance of 2.5 km from the main bus stand of Amboli Chaukul, Mahadev Gad provides excellent valley views.

Sunset Point

Sunset point is located on the highway toward Sawantwadi at a distance of a kilometre from the main bus stand. The horizon at this Sunset point at many times turns into the multiple shades of orange, pink and red in the evening time. Finally its gets merged with the colour of the Arabian Sea. Scenic spot if you are lucky enough with the climate for spotting spectacular sunsets.

Shirgaonkar Point

Located at a distance of 3km from the main bus stand of Amboli Chaukul.

Botanical Gardens of Amboli Chaukul

Go for a leisurely stroll in the botanical gardens of Amboli Chaukul believed to be having some historical importance. Calm and Soothing wooded area which is mostly used by visitors for picnicking with family and friends.

Madhavgad Fort

Excellent spot to view the dense forests from the top of a fort. Madhavgad is surrounded by forests of the Sahyadri. The fort is approachable by foot only from the northern side. Besides the forest view, one gets uninterrupted views of the Arabian Sea and the Konkan region too.

Parikshit Point:

You can hike your way to this point through the thick canopy of Jambhool and Anjani trees, is the highest peak in Amboli Chaukul. (2.5 Km)

Napne waterfall:

Napne waterfall is to be found at Sherpe village in Vaibhavwadi taluka (district). This waterfall is perfect for swimming and it's a delight for those who like to get wet under a waterfall. A swim in its calm pool is very safe and sound and invigorating. Explore the cascading water by getting close to the spot from where spring water emerges from the top in the form of bubbles through hard and compact rocks. Hornbills are easily spotted around this waterfall.

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